Delhi Public School


Tutorial class is designed to provide intensive remedial instructions in every& subject by paying individual attention to each student.
1. A teacher guides, as a mentor, to small groups of students.
2. DPS provides specially designed extended periods during the school hours to complete home assignments.
3. The mentor helps the students with their home work and provides support and fosters confidence in academic abilities.
4. In addition, we have remedial classes for slow learners so that they comprehend the subject.
5. The fast learners are segregated into ability groups. These students are given an opportunity to study more than the curriculum.
6. Providing emphasis in the tutorial at every level generally focuses on further development of the students.
7. Online tutorial enabled through individualized login using Etramarks and access to classroom teachings.
8. Web facilities like live on-line teaching, web connection between teachers and students with global access through individualized login and password are included to mobilize accessibility, for parents and teachers for viewing the child's academic performance and other campus activities.
9. Mentoring Extended study period.
10. Web Individual login id and password access to classroom.teaching at home.

Working together as the Delhi Public School,Sector-14,Rourkela,Odisha-769009, we are very thankful for our Royal Parents.