Delhi Public School


The Laboratories at DPS are of International standards and stand as a support to the classroom teaching with hands on training on various subjects. They are creatively designed and stocked with sufficient imported laboratory equipments, furniture and computer technology to enhance the quality of teaching and learning. Hence each student gets an opportunity to experiment, analyze and discover on his own. The laboratory is a place where students can apply whatever is taught and as a result get a more comprehensive grasp on their subjects.

Students are encouraged to use these laboratories to learn through experiments. It is a fact that experimenting enhances the analytical ability. Every year the latest instruments, specimens, charts etc. are purchased for these laboratories.

DPS stays in tune with the advanced technology driven modern times, by maintaining its quality standards and ensuring that practical knowledge is at par with theoretical knowledge and every students learns via “hands on experience.

The School provides:

Basic facilities to its students in the form of well equipped and well maintained laboratories in numerous disciplines to perform their respective experiments. Our experienced teachers and lab technicians supervise the students with all essential details and adequate support to create a student-friendly atmosphere so that they can enhance their knowledge.

The School provides:

Physics Lab Computer Lab Chemistry Lab Biology Lab Physical Education Mathematics Lab Social Science Lab.

Laborotary Rules:-

Observe complete silence.
Get the experiment alloted in advance.
Come prepared with the theory and manipulations of the experiment.
Follow the instructions given by the teacher and the laboratory Assistant.
Be responsible for any breakage or loss of the article(s) used by them.
Immediately report the same to the teacher in-charge.
Deposite the cost charged for the same.
Use aprons (white cotton only)while working in the laboratory(chemistry,biology)

Working together as the Delhi Public School,Sector-14,Rourkela,Odisha-769009, we are very thankful for our Royal Parents.