Delhi Public School

Career Counselling

DPS adopts a systematic determination of the merit, worth and significance of its students, using criteria against a set of standards. The students are evaluated to characterize and appraise subjects/career they have opted for. Performance track record on a particular subject of interest is maintained and remedial classes are provided to increase competency.

Individualized login and password is provided to parents through which they can access their child's progress, via the academic results, on any given subject and track the performance at any point of time from anywhere.

DPS provides regular Coaching facilities after school hours, on weekends. Specialized coaching is imparted through well trained and experienced professionals in each stream that would be charged separately, yet reasonably.

Subject wise tracking of progress in various subjects is taken up, and the students are referred to remedial classes based on it. Thereby it provides an opportunity for the child and parents to monitor understanding, retention and comprehension.

The opportunity to access the track record plays a decisive role in shaping the future of the child which helps the students to pursue a career of their interest after analyzing their yearly academic performance.

Parent login is a unique feature that empowers the parents to access the school's software. Through this login parents can keep track of their children's education, health and overall progress. Individualized login Topic wise evaluation for understanding level Weekly subject wise test for internal assessment Mid term and final term exams Subject wise tracking of progress in subjects.

Working together as the Delhi Public School,Sector-14,Rourkela,Odisha-769009, we are very thankful for our Royal Parents.